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Worked for Office Team in San Francisco Bay Area. Worked a 3-day assignment in Oct 2017. Had a good experience. A friend of mine claimed to have been given a two somewhat lengthy assignments of 9 mos and one over a year & half (P/T) in 2014 thru 2016). But in the past 2 years, she barely got anything anymore. My experience was pleasant though and I was hoping it would lead to some lengthy assignment (like she'd got). First day I worked, the client did not need 3 of us, so the recruiter took us out for breakfast. I liked this. Showed the company cared about its employees. Plus, a good way for the recruiter to get to know me & later get some good assignments. I had his phone # to text. First unpleasant thing that happened was one of the gals I met (& who was at breakfast) - later did not get paid for the 3 or 4 days that she worked. She had not been getting assignments hardly anymore she told me & was very upset about not getting paid. She swore she would never work for them again. I felt bad about what happened to her. I got my check though.

I did not hear from Office Team after I completed the 3-day assignment. I was taking a couple of classes so I was not anixious to start a full nor part time job yet anyway, but for sure in December. I got called to start a job at a government agency paying $23/hr thru the county government office (not a temp agency). It was just for 3 mos, so I took it. I had text'ed the RH recruiter to keep me in mind for positions in mid-December. And he replied "Will Do" - but he never did contact me anyway. So good I got a job thru other means.

Later, around April or May this year, I began applying to Accounttemps and Office Team positions listed online, recruiters began contacting me with other positions - asking if I knew anyone for the job and to submit a resume. I submitted a dozen resumes incl this past summer - but there was hardly any feedback. Also, there's a gentleman in San Mateo County who helps the unemployed over age 40. He has workshops, mini job fairs, and employer panels where he has guest employers come & talk about working with their agency or company. One gal that came was from RH Office Team, she was very nice, articulate, seemed honest, and wanted to help people obtain employment. I gave her my resume. She never got me a job. I had also before then contacted the nice recruiter who'd taken me & the other 2 people out to breakfast, he never replied to my emails.

Sometime in July, the gal recruiter did call me to try & get references. I told her I'd worked for RH before a 3-day assignment and a 3 week assignment (Accounttemps). I did not want her to bother my government county employer. I'd read that these people do try to get more business for themselves. I really did not trust her entirely. It been months and they had not given me a job nor returned emails (at any of the offices).

I gave her a school teacher reference and the fax number for a past employer where I worked for over a year. I suppose she contacted them. But I never heard from her as to a job. All that fuss for nothing (her wanting references).

Then in late Sept / early Oct, I was contacted via email by the Head Office guy asking if I'd be interested in working the 3-day or 4-day assignment again as I'd done the year before. I'd had a good experience, so I said yes, okay. I was collecting unemployment, but it was due to run out in December. So, I thought, yeah, easy job, why not. A week or two later after accepting the assignment not due to start for 3 wks yet, same high-level guy calls me in a panic and tells me he needs me to work a one-day assignment the next day (a Saturday). He says he can not find anyone to work it. He informs me it's a data entry job. Though I'm enrolled in 17 units & I have a take-home mid-term to do by Sunday night, I did not really want to do it. Plus it is 40 miles from my home. I accept it in the hopes that the economy is getting better & that more jobs will be available now.

I drive all the way there & find it is not a company. It's more like a garage type looking space. I think it had a door. The owner (an older gentleman) is there. I walk In and there's 2 or 3 long tables with hundreds of paper files in stacks. I look around. I don't think I saw a modern computer. Maybe an old one from the 1990s. Anyway the place looked like something out of Silence of the Lambs. The gentleman was nice though, but I did not feel comfortable working there alone with him. He tells me he needs all the papers sorted and filed. I told him 'I thought this was a data entry job'. First this would take more than one person, I am not a Filer. I don't File. I have school work and a mid-term due. He was nice & understanding. I go outside & call Robert Half. Left a msg for the recruiter who sent me there & called another person listed on the confirmation email I got. I was really upset. The position was not what I'd been told.

It was okay to leave. All agreed. Bad Experience though. Not the type of environment I am used to working In.

3 weeks later, I work the assignment I'd agreed to (same as the year before). On the last day, the client wanted me to be a Greeter. I informed her I was scheduled to work data entry as the year before. I had agreed to do ithis only on that basis, & customer registration would be fine too. She snapped a little at me. Got angry, I don't know why. But agreed to let me do customer registration. A 23 or 24 yr old new grad who'd completed a 4-mo admin assignment had taken my data entry job I found out later in the day.

Office Team and the client put another young gal in charge of checking In and checking out employees (& for their lunch breaks as well). A timecard would not be required b/c she would have everyone's hours in writing by her own hand and I suppose enter the hours on the laptop in front of her.

A week later after the assignment ends, I get a call from the Head guy who placed me in the awful filing assignment & in the assignment I just completed. He wants to know my hours (how many hrs I worked each of the 3 days). I worked as scheduled. And told from what time to what time each day. Dah! Doesn't he have this information? Didn't his young hire enter it all? Why is he calling me I thought. I was not angry. I just gave him what he asked for. Hours later, I get another phone call, this time it is the 30-yr old gal I met at the employer panel (who at the time I thought was really nice). Same gal who called me asking for references. Anyway, she calls to get my hours worked. I told her so & so had also called me asking for my hours. She says something like "we want to be sure you get paid". I thought that was kind of weird. That did not happen last year. I got my check & that was that.

Anyway, the weeks pass, and I've only been paid for 1-day. I write to both these people who contacted me to get my hours.

Neither one ever responded. But I get a call from the guy who took me out to breakfast the year before (I did not include him in the email). I'd been told months before that he was working elsewhere for Robert Half (no longer recruiting, I think). Anyway, he starts telling me that he doesn't know what happened nor knows when I will get paid. That he will look into it. It will be investigated. He made it sound like it will takes weeks to get sorted out. I tell him the same thing happened a year ago to the other lady I worked with there (who was also at the breakfast he treated us to). He knows who she is. She used to have assignments with them over a year or two years ago. I also told him I exchanged emails with one of the other people who worked with this year & he's a regular. Works for Office Team on a steady basis. He got paid okay. Once I mentioned both these cases (last year a person not getting paid) and this year one who'd already been paid. The recruiter changed his Tune. He then said I would have my check by Friday - which I did get.

The Lesson is: Best not to work for Robert Half. They have their preferences of employees. They may keep some working for a while & they can be little nice - but Watch Out- they'll Turn on You. There are some people, such as me, that they'll only give 1-day or 3-day assignments - and that's It ever! They use the "I'm not going to pay you, so that you'll leave" so to get rid of people. To my friend who worked a couple of lengthy assignments for them between 2014 & 2016, last year Office Team sent her to the wrong address - so that they could blame her as a 'no show' and then not give her any more worthwhile assignments. She too now only gets 1 to 3-day assignments if any. But I think she's been turning them down lately. Avoid this staffing agency at all costs. Work Retail, Go back to school, Get a Job through someone you trust. Avoid working for Robert Half. They will hang you out to dry eventually. Shocked

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: How sincere & caring they first appear to be.

I didn't like: Not being given assignments, Requests for resumes & no contact afterwards, Emails asking for friends to send their resumes, Recruiters not taking time to get to know applicant perferences, Not getting paid perhaps purposely.

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